December 3, 2021, 23:09

US’ Afghanistan Exit May Create New ‘Breeding Grounds’ for Terrorism, Warns UK Defense Secretary

US’ Afghanistan Exit May Create New ‘Breeding Grounds’ for Terrorism, Warns UK Defense Secretary

Negotiated under the Trump administration and then pushed back under the Biden White House, US troops now have a deadline to depart from Afghanistan by August 31, just days ahead of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that ultimately prompted the US invasion of the war-torn country.

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace recently took the opportunity to lambast the US decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, underscoring that the “rotten” pullout agreement constructed by the Trump administration was a complete “mistake.”

Wallace, who has been a vocal critic of the withdrawal deal, addressed the ongoing situation with the UK’s Sky News during talks  in which he suggested the US exit may likely create an environment for new extremist groups to emerge. 

He added that “failed states around the world lead to instability, lead to a security threat to us and our interests.”

REUTERS / Simon DawsonBritain’s Defence Secretary Ben Wallace

The agreement to remove American troops from Afghanistan was signed and dotted in 2020, when representatives for the US and the Taliban met in Qatar to sign an “agreement for bringing peace” to the nation after having endured nearly 20 years’ worth of deadly conflict.

At the time, former US President Donald Trump hailed the arrangement, and stated that the initiative proved “the Taliban wants to do something to show we’re not all wasting time.” 

“If bad things happen, we’ll go back with a force like no-one’s ever seen,” he stressed at the time.                                                                                                

“It undermined the government of Afghanistan, and now we’re in this position where the Taliban have clearly the momentum across the country,” he added, touching on recent gains the group has made in over a dozen Afghan provinces.

REUTERS / TALIBAN HANDOUTTaliban fighters record a message after seizing Pul-e- Khumri, capital of Baghlan province, Afghanistan, in this still image taken from a social media video, uploaded August 10, 2021

Wallace’s remarks come on the heels of Thursday moves by the Biden administration to deploy approximately 3,000 US troops to Afghanistan to assist in the departure of non-essential staffers at the US embassy in Kabul. Incidentally, that announcement came as the UK detailed that it too would be sending troops, 600 to be exact, as part of its own measure to evacuate Britons.


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