December 4, 2021, 17:02

Twitter Stunned at Site of Biden Receiving Updates on Afghanistan Via Video Conference

Twitter Stunned at Site of Biden Receiving Updates on Afghanistan Via Video Conference

On Sunday, the Taliban established control over the Afghan capital of Kabul, prompting several countries, the US among them, to remove their embassies to the Kabul airport where crowds have gathered in an attempt to flee the country. The president, however, is not in Washington DC, and is receiving the news remotely.

The White House shared a picture of US President Joe Biden, dressed in a blue polo shirt, sitting alone in front of a screen and watching a video conference, receiving updates about how events are unfolding in Afghanistan.

Events are unfolding in a dramatic manner, with Kabul now seized by the Taliban*, and the airport crowded by people struggling to leave the country. Biden is not rushing to return to the White House, however, and an address to the nation on the matter, according to CNN, is expected from the president in the “next few days”.

​The post has left some netizens giggling nervously over the photo – which has already inspired a wave of memes.

Among those impressed with the photo was Edward Snowden, the ex-NSA employee now accused of espionage by the US.

​​Speaking of the memes.

​Other people, however, were not in the mood for jokes, insisting that Biden should immediately return to the White House from his vacation at the Camp David presidential retreat and address the nation.

​Some users appeared to spot something they thought they were not actually supposed to see.

​According to CNN, the Biden team is still unsure about whether to return the president to the White House for his expected address to the nation, and chances are that he will make his statement on the situation from Camp David.


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